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Popular Batteries is entering it's 43rd year of operation in battery sector. In 1969, the company entered in to manufacturing of battery plant and then manufacturing lead acid battery.

Popular Batteries is manufacturer of all type of lead acid batteries under a brand POPULAR, SPIDER & OPAL automotive, Inverter and Two wheeler PRIDE batteries.

Our Focus is on quality, high performance, easy maintenance, and building confidence in our Customers. As our customers are very precious to us, customer satisfaction is our main goal. The Company aim at meeting the customer needs, answering his questions and helping him in his problem.

  • Vision

  • The Company's Vision is to become a leading battery company which can satisfy each and every need of customer and help them to solve their problem
  • Mission

  • Delighting our customers by providing best quality battery product on-time, at an affordable cost with timely after sales services.


Quality is the main focus and objective of the company. The Company focuses to provide best quality product to its customers. The company uses high quality row material, componants and machineries to make suitable product for the customers. It uses the latest and advanced equipments to meet customer requirments. The company not only provides a high quality products but also continues to make prodct better and better.